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Pitched myself out…

This week I announced my intent to retire. That was met with blank stares, “huh?”, “what?” and “you’re kidding?” So I changed my approach. “I’m leaving the company.” That people understood, but then wanted to know about the new job. Responding that I was taking a year off to stay home with my daughter got us right back to “huh?”, “what?” and “you’re kidding?” The confusion made me laugh, which was good because in most cases I was crying too. This was a big decision, is a big risk, is nerve-wracking. Overwhelmingly, the response in the end was, “good for you!”, “what a great thing for your daughter”, and “you can’t get back these years when they are little” (more crying). I told my daughter this weekend that in a few weeks I wouldn’t be going to work and she wouldn’t be going to school (where she’s gone every day for four years). Her response was simply “Good.”

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