Going Out On A High Note

3AM and wide awake- due in no small part to the delicious celebratory Indian dinner at Thali but also a brain in overdrive. How can the song “I’m a Gummy Bear”, a plan for building a solar chicken coop (probably the subject of a future blog), and a list of Things I Have To Do On My Last Day, all be going on in there at one time?! Throw in further contemplation of a rather deep discussion over dinner as to whether my  companions and I had peaked in our careers. We concluded that we probably had. After all, for the last 6 years I have worked on, Contributed To, the development of Yervoy, an immuno-oncology therapy that’s giving melanoma patients the possibility of survival. This is probably a once in a lifetime achievement and I’m pretty proud of it. To my dad, who succumbed to melanoma in 1984, this career was for you.